Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I become the member of library?
  2. To become the member of Library you need to produce your proof of registration of the institute and you will have to give two stamp size recent color photos. For outsider please contact with KIO for details.
  3. How many times a book can be issued?
  4. A book can be issued as many times as the member want depending on the demand of the book but can do re-issue one time.
  5. What if the library card is lost?
  6. In case of loss of card, new card will be issued against a charge of Rs.50/-.
  7. How many books can be issued at one time?
  8. 5 books at a time.
  9. How many days a book can be issued?
  10. One book can be issued for 20 days without fine.
  11. What is OPAC?
  12. OPAC is Open Public Access Catalogue.
  13. How do I renew / reissue book that I have already borrowed?
  14. To reissue a book which is already borrowed from the library, presently go to library with the book and your KIC Identity card.
  15. Is there a fine for late return (overdue) of books?
  16. Yes, Rs.2 per day will be charged for first 15 days overdue and after 15 days Rs.5 per day.
  17. How/where do I pay library dues?
  18. The data of fine will be maintained in library database. You can either pay it while returning the book or at the end of the current semester. NOTE: Without payment of fine a member will not be allowed for KIC clearance/ registration for the next semester.
  19. What is the normal timing of library to issue books?
  20. The KIC books will be issued whenever the KIC is open.
    For timings refer to the KIC time table.
  21. If a book is lost, what I have to do? What charges I have to pay?
  22. If a book is lost you will have to inform the Knowledge and Information Centre immediately and you will have to replace a new copy or pay total cost of the latest edition of the lost book along with total overdue fine if applicable.
  23. Can I bring my own books in the library?
  24. You cannot bring your own books, bags or notebook inside the library.
  25. Any photocopying/printing facility available for Central Library documents?
  26. Photocopy charged @ ?1.0 per page single side and printing charge @ ?2.0 per page single side (both black & white) for students and research scholars. Only KIC documents will be allowed for photocopy/printing, within the permissible pages as per the Copy right rules.
  27. Where can I find answers which are not here?
  28. Ask through an e-mail
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