Rules and Regulations

  1. It is mandatory to carry the identity card while entering KIC/Reading room.
  2. Silence must be maintained inside the KIC and anyone may be asked to go outside from KIC if found making noise/sound or disturbing other or doing something which may cause disturbance to other.
  3. Students can't issue book/journal/magazine/documents on other’s account.
  4. 5 books will be issued at a time.
  5. Fine will be charged for overdue/damaged/lost books.
  6. User have to replace latest edition of book and pay fine for overdue and lost books.
  7. In case of loss of card new card will be issued against a charge of Rs.50/- per card.
  8. Student's bag and personal books are not allowed inside KIC.
  9. To issue an identity card for the first time, students need to produce the registration proof at the KIC and latest color stamp size photo.
  10. After each semester, students need to take library clearance and need to produce registration proof at the KIC to resume their KIC account.
  11. KIC's staff may cross check any student while coming out from KIC to ensure KIC's books/Journal/Magazines issued or not.
  12. Mobile are not allowed inside KIC or user can carry mobile as silent mode but can't use inside KIC at any circumstances. (Except KIC's staff).
  13. Except water, other food items are strictly prohibited inside KIC.
  14. Multiple copies of same book are not allowed to issue to one user.
  15. User can do overnight issue of reference books / Journals / Magazines /reference documents (can issue after 5 pm and have to return within the opening hours of KIC on next working day).
  16. User can't do photocopy of any KIC's Books/ Journals / Magazines /documents.
  17. User can use KIC's Computer/ ICT only for educational purpose. If found using for any other reason than KIC's staff may asked/forced that user to leave KIC Immediately or may take any action based on approval from competent authority.
  18. If found that any user is not returning KIC's books / Journals / Magazines / Documents in the stipulated time on a regular basis on overdue period or not using KIC properly than KIC staff may block/cancel membership without any reminder to that user.
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